The Fry Chronicles

the fry chroniclesI am fond of Stephen Fry. He makes me laugh. As someone who has been questioned about her sense of humour, as in asked if she one, I appreciate people who make me laugh. Every now and the I hop on my library's e-book section just to see what's available. When I saw that the The Fry Chronicles was I jumped on it.

The thing you need to know when you read Stephen Fry, and something that he freely acknowledges, is that he sees no point in using one word when he can use ten. As someone who is always trying to cut those extra words (sigh, thank you Stephen King) it's kind of refreshing to see someone use as many as they like. It does, however, make it a bit of a slower read.

I haven't read Fry's Moab is my Washpot so a lot of his history is rather new to me. I did appreciate that when he talked about things that had happened that he discussed in Moab he marked them. Instead of wondering why he didn't go into more detail on these occasions I knew that I just had to go back to his previous works to get the goods. Clever.

Clever, as you know, starts with C. So do all of the chapters in this books. Chronicles (keeping with the C theme) tells the story of all the c's in his life in his 20s. Cambridge. Celibacy. Comedy. Computers. Those are just a few of them. Perhaps for me, the Jeeves and Wooster fan, the best part was getting to see him form his friendship with Hugh Laurie. Even if the book didn't go that far there's something about seeing friendships that you know exist at their beginnings.

Someday I'll go back and read Moab is my Washpot. And I'll read whatever it is that he puts out next. But for now I'm going to pull out my Jeeves and Wooster and dust off the Alfresco DVDs.