The Quest of the Warrior Sheep

quest of the warrior sheepI don't read a lot of chapters books for younger readers. I read a lot of YA. I dip my toe into middle grade fiction every now and then. But Cat reviewed Christine & Christopher Russell's The Quest of the Warrior Sheep and she had so much fun with it that I really wanted to read it. So when I was at BookExpo America this year and happened upon it at the Source Books booth I was thrilled.

Let me talk about Source Books for a second. When I think of Source Books I tend to think of their beautiful re-issues of Georgette Heyer's novels and their Jane Austen sequels. But their Jabberwocky imprint for children is fab. I'm going to give myself a bit of a pass for not thinking about it very much (you know, due to that lack of children thing) but seriously, if you have kids you should check it out. They have totally fun books and I spent most of my time in the Source Books booth talking about their children's line. Go figure!

If you were previously unaware of it, you should know that sheep are funny. They can be a wee bit dim but that just adds to their charm. Christine and Christopher Russell put together a fabulous cast of sheep in this fun little novel.

One evening as they are waiting patiently in their field for dinner to arrive, as sheep do, a sign falls from the sky. They know immediately that it's a sign from the Lord Aries and he is sending them on a quest. If they fail, it will be the end the good life for all sheep as they fall to Lambad the Bad. The Eppingham Posse of Rare Breed Warriors is formed and they leave their cozy farm to deliver the object to Lord Aries and save all sheepdom.

But they meet obstacles on the way, mostly in the form of Luke and Neil. You see, the magical object that the Eppingham Posse have sworn to project and deliver to Lord Aries is their cellphone. It's not just any cellphone -- it contains proof that these two conspired together to steal money from the bank via the internet. People, including the Eppingham Posse's owners, have found their entire life savings drained.

The Quest of the Warrior Sheep was so much fun to read. It became a fun little escape for me because it was my bathtub book for week. And while I'd really love to keep it think it needs a home with children. I'll be passing this along to friends of ours so that they can share it with their kids. Who knows, maybe I'll do the same thing with the sequel, The Warrior Sheep Go West too!