The Impossible Bachelors by Kieran Kramer

when harry met molly kieran kramerI've been doing a lot of travelling this summer. One way or another it's all been work related. I don't think we've had a single overnight trip this year (including my birthday trip) that hasn't involved at least one scheduled meeting or conference or SOMETHING for one of us.  That said, we've been incredibly lucky that we've been able to travel together. For the most part, as long as we have our laptops, internet and cell reception we're good to go. A lot of the travel has been for Lee's job but my (self-employed) position will wreak havoc in October. That's not to say there isn't sometimes a bonus to travel -- in November I'll tag along on his trip to Orlando and we'll hit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Butterbeer FTW!

But all this has nothing to do with Kieran Kramer's The Impossible Bachelors series. Except that it does. Because I've read it on airplanes and they were awesome airplane books.

dukes to the left of me princes to the right kieran kramerAllow me to go off on another tangent. I have loved the possibilities that e-books have provided for a long time but I cannot imagine how I would have gotten through this summer without my iPad. Don't get me wrong, I still love my Sony Reader and it has a place in my travel plans but I big puffy heart love my iPad. There is nothing better than sitting in the airport before your flight and downloading a whole series of books.

I will freely confess that I bought Kramer's books because of the titles. This series has awesome titles. You've probably already noticed that.

When Harry Met Molly kicks everything off all the hijinks and with any good historical novel of this area, you can blame it all on Prinny. The Prince Regent pops out of some wood paneling (of course!) at the local club as the men are gathered to celebrate the marriage of one of their members -- if by "celebrate" you made give the man a send off by getting stinking drunk. Prinny issues the single men a challenge -- the Most Impossible Bachelor competition. The men will gather, with their mistresses, and whomever has the Most Delectable Companion will be crowned the winner. What does he win? A year off the marriage mart. No mothers or debs to rake him in, as decreed by Prinny himself.

(Yes, the rich have far too much time on their hands.)

cloudy with a change of marriage kieran kramer Molly entered the scene after her fiance ditches her, while they are in their way to Gretna Green, for Harry's mistress. Oops! [An aside... people are always threatening to go GG in novels but does anyone actually do it?] Molly's stuck and Harry needs a fill-in so they come to an uneasy compromise. You see, they have a bit of a history... one that caused her to be put on the outs with her family and caused Harry to be sent off the military. What on earth could happen? Bonus points for having a wonderful villain.

Totally fun.

Dukes to the Left of Me, Princes to the Right follows Nicholas Staunton, an Impossible Bachelor who has just claimed the family title of the Duke of Drummond... much unknown to Poppy Smith-Barnes who has been putting off suitors for years by telling them she was secretly engaged to the Duke. See,  she didn't think he actually existed. Oops? The Duke promptly proposes and she has no choice but to accept.  She's actually been secretly in love with a Russian prince. Of course the prince also shows up. Hijinks ensue.

In Cloudy with a Change of Marriage we catch up with Captain Stephen Arrow. He has just inherited a home in one of the dreariest parts of London. Right across the street from him is Jilly Jones, local bookshop owner who has more than a few things she's trying to keep secret. This third book in the series is a bit more... serious, I suppose, than the others. The main characters are of a slightly different social class and the implications of their actions are far more serious.

Luckily for me, the fourth book in the series, If You Give a Girl a Viscount, comes out right before my November trip. Perfect timing!