Hello BlogHer People

I'm Karen, but lots of people call me Sassymonkey or Sassy. I've been blogging here since 2004. I've been blogging about books on Sassymonkey Reads since 2005. I've been blogging about books (and a smattering of other things from time to time) on BlogHer since 2006.  I'm currently also the host of the BlogHer Book Club.

I've been told that I don't look like my profile picture. Here's a more recent photo of me with BlogHer alumni Joanne Bamberger at a signing of her book Mothers of Intention in New York city.

I'll be in sessions, though I don't know which ones yet because I'm lazy like that. Between sessions I'll be running around trying to find people I know that I only see once a year and occasionally hiding in corners, which you'll be invited to join in me via Twitter or Chatter. I'll be going to parties, but probably not staying very long. You'll find me with this guy, who does not have a blog. Or a Twitter account.


If you are looking for us at a party, chances are we'll either be near the food or wherever it is quietest... possibly in the hallway.

Looking forward to meeting you!