Stories I Only Tell My Friends - Rob Lowe

rob low stories i only tell my friends I am not sure what I think of Rob Lowe's autobiography, Stories I Only Tell My Friends. I think that maybe I've gotten used to the more navel-gazing type or memoir and biographies out there on the market. Rob Lowe really is just telling stories. Oh sure, sometimes they are entertaining but really, they don't tell you a whole heck of a lot about him or what he really thought about things.

Maybe I was just hoping for more insight into the filming of The West Wing. It's one of my favourite televisions shows of all time and he went from year one to year four in the blink of an eye. Though, I suppose, based on what he did write about it, and what he didn't, I do understand why he left the show. Mostly. I'm trying.

And while he writes very well he does have a few tendencies that you have to learn to either roll with, or roll your eyes at.  I'm thinking in particular of his  his "reveal" habit that Jodi suggests making at game of.
Lowe does have a tendency to overuse the “guess who” trick, where he talks about having lunch with a young actress who is on Broadway in Annie. He finds her totally charming and is super-pumped when 20 years later his lunch date, Sarah, wins an Emmy for “Sex in the City.” He does this about a dozen times. So often, in fact, that I tried to turn it into a game where I would guess who he was talking about before the big reveal.

Turning it into a game really is the best way to deal with that. And the early stuff, and in particular his memories of making The  Outsiders were fun. I mean, don't you really want to know what he thought of Tom Cruise? I swear I could hear Cruise's jumping on the couch on Oprah "WOO!" as he attacked some of the stunts in the making of that movie. Also fascinating? The fast that Rob Lowe bloodies Cruise's nose. (See? You know you want to know WHY.)

I still have a bit of time before I have to return this one to the library so I'm going to try to foist it off on Lee and see if he wants to read it. I think he'd enjoy it... perhaps more than I did.