Amazon Acquires The Book Depository

Amazon announced this morning that they plan to acquire UK-based online book retailer, The Book Depository. While it's a big coup for the owners of BD, I have to admit I'm slightly bummed by the re-narrowing of the book-selling environment.

A few years ago a friend told me about The Book Depository. At the time only the UK website existed but they shipped worldwide. For free. And they had lots of lovely UK history books that I had a bit of a harder time finding in Canada.

As a Canadian I often read Commonwealth authors that aren't always easily accessible to my American friends. With the Book Depository I could point to the book and say, "Look! Free shipping!" and voila! No more accusations of elusive books. ;-)

Sometimes it was just nice to have an option that wasn't Amazon, or for Canadians, Chapters. (If I were American I suspect I'd use Powell's a lot but as a Canadian, it doesn't make a lot of financial sense.) I do buy from both on occasion but for years The Book Depository has been my go-to for everything except pre-orders and e-books. It's just nice to have another option.

Well... that and both the big retailers in Canada have, on occasion, made business choices that have annoyed me and I've put them on personal time outs and just funneled all my online shopping money into The Book Depository.

As I mentioned above, I'm sure that this is great for the owners of The Book Depository, but as a consumer, I'm a bit bummed. I'll be watching to see what changes the acquisition by Amazon bring to The Book Depository.