Upper Canada Village

I love working from home full-time. I really do. I could honestly be quite happy never working in an office again. Ever. That being said, by the time Saturday rolls around I kind of start to twitch. A few weeks ago we had beautiful weather. I'd look out the window while I was working, wish I could be outside, sigh and go back to work. Sure, I'd sneak out for five minutes here and there but I was dreaming of sitting outside in a lounge chair and reading for hours. When the weekend rolled around it was cold and threatening to rain. Lee suggested a day on the couch. I glared. I was not spending another day inside this house. Was not, was not, WAS NOT.

(I was also perhaps a tad cranky because he woke me up that morning. One of the rules to a happy life with Karen is that you DO NOT WAKE HER UP unless it's absolutely necessary. Like if there's a plane to catch or something.)

I went to the internet, clicked around and then told him he had two choices. We could go to the new exhibit at the Canadian War Museum or we could to the Medieval Fair at Upper Canada Village. Upper Canada Village won and we hit the road armed with snacks and our camera.

There were jousting knights.


For reasons I'm not entirely sure I understand, there were camel rides, which we did not do.


There was a lady selling pickles on a stick.

Which Lee made look like they were hard to eat. (They were really very good pickles.)

And then were were feeling kind of done with the medieval fair part of things. It was fun for a bit but overall there wasn't a whole lot to do that didn't involve buying fake medieval crap stuff.

So we ventured into the village part of Upper Canada Village. Having not grown up in the area I had never been there. It's a popular place for school trips and I can see why. It was fun and well run. I liked how almost every building had someone in it who could speak to the building, the role of the person who would have lived there and just had interesting tidbits of stuff to say. We had a great chat with the gardener and learned a thing or two in the print shop.

We ate at the village hotel. Our meal was served with bread that they make in the village with flour from their own mill.

That's a lot of flour.

They sell the bread in their gift shop but we got there too late in the day to grab any.

Knitters would have loved the woolen mill. And the sheep.


The rain managed to hold off until we were on our way home and all in all we had a really good day. Much better than a day spent on the couch.