On BlogHer: Under an Afghan Sky

I actually read Mellissa Fung's memoir Under an Afghan Sky a month ago. It's just taken me that long to get around to posting it. (May was um... special.)

Mellissa Fung is a Canadian journalist for the CBC and during a 2008 working trip to Afghanistan she was kidnapped. She spent most of the next 28 days underground in a hole that was smaller than my bedroom closet. Here's an excerpt from my BlogHer post:
"I read Under an Afghan Sky while on a mini-vacation. I ignored motion-sickness to read it in the car. I curled up in my hotel room bed to finish it. I read surrounded by comfortable surroundings but I was really in that dirt hole with her. I'd pull my eyes away from the page to be surprised to find myself looking out at the sky and wonder what I would do in her place. Would I eat the cookies? How many cigarettes would I smoke? Would finding a new routine feel to me like surrendering or resisting? What questions would I be asked for proof of life? Would I beg to be released? Beg for food?"

Mellissa Fung probably has more inner strength in her pinky finger than I have in my whole being. You can read the full post on BlogHer.com.