What gets done, gets done

I woke up this morning in a foul mood. I had too many things that I felt I should be doing in the same day. Cleaning. Running errands. Reading for the readathon. Editing. I stomped around. I started reading. I stopped reading to do some cleaning and promptly walked right into the end of the bed while trying to avoid the drying rack.  A few f-bombs later and I was in the kitchen making cornbread.

The only thing worse than me being in a bad mood is me being in a bad mood and craving something that I can't have. Luckily I could have it and 30 minutes later I was chowing down on some cheesy green chile cornbread.

I looked out the window and saw the sun. I looked at the thermometer and it creeped up to double digits.

Screw it.

I grabbed the book and a can of soda and settled onto the deck for the long haul. Whatever happened today would happen. What didn't get done, well there's always tomorrow.

I read. I got up and changed into shorts. I watched the robins treat my yard as a buffet. I swept the deck and put out the solar lights. I dusted off the lounger and reclined. I got a sunburn. I drank a gin and tonic. I eavesdropped on teenagers a few doors down, not realizing they could be overheard, talk about the vital things in their lives. I listened to the people on the trail, the sounds that the bicycles made as they went from gravel to dirt to gravel, and the runner whose heavy breaths were louder than his footfalls.  I looked at the buds on the lilac tree and marveled at how I could see where the maple tree had grown.

I sat in the sun and simply enjoyed the fact that I could sit on the deck at this house and read in peace.  This time last year we hadn't even looked at this house yet. I had never seen this neighbourhood, had barely ever been in this part of town. We were living in an apartment that we didn't hate but certainly had dubious feelings about our new, very young, downstairs neighbour. I thought about how damn lucky I felt to be right where I was at that moment.

I thought about all the work I felt I ought to be doing and reminded myself that all that work I do is so that days like today I can sit and read in the sunshine. It won't be the only day I feel like I should work when I'm sitting and reading in the sun, though hopefully in the future I'll get off my butt and go put on sunscreen.

What gets done, gets done. What doesn't get done, well I'll worry about that tomorrow.