The Peach Keeper

Peach Keeper Yesterday I took a sick day. Or rather 2/3 of a sick day. What better time to curl up on the couch and read Sarah Addison Allen's latest, The Peach Keeper?

I love her first book, Garden Secrets. I really liked her second book, The Sugar Queen, but started to have a twinge of worry. I liked The Girl Who Chased the Moon, her third book. but I didn't love it. My worries were erased after The Peach Keeper. You see, I found the overall story structure of the first two books too similar. I stared to worry that when I picked up one of her books I'd know exactly what was going to happen. I love the world she created but I hate knowing with certainty what will happen in it. She broke away from that story structure in her third book but since I didn't love it I was...uncertain. But The Peach Keeper? Loved it.

Loved the characters, loved the new town, loved that the magic felt just a bit more sinister than it has in her other books. The creepy birds were a nice touch.

I kind of want to go and have a Sarah Addison Allen reading binge now. It was really nice to see Claire make a cameo and I feel a bit like reading her story again.