I heard the rumbling in the distance and tried to roll over and ignore it. Soon there was no way to ignore it. Nature was howling.

Thunder shook the house. Lightning struck so fiercely that the night sky glowed pink. The rain buffeted the house as hard as hail. With no curtains on our windows we were treated to special 5am light show that rivaled any pyrotechnics at a rock concert. Lee and both got up and watched the maple tree lash around in the wind.

Realizing the lightning was overhead I bolted downstairs to unplug my MacBook. I had been working at the kitchen table and we don't have surge protector down there. The cat, thinking that it might be breakfast time followed me. I scooped her up and tucked us both back to bed hoping that she'd let us sleep just a little bit longer. She must have been freaked out by the storm because she stayed.

The storm raged on and then slowly it got quiet. Just in time for the fake husband's alarm to go off. I burrowed back down under the blankets.

When I got up it was peaceful but there changes. The grass looks just a little bit greener. The lounge chair is not exactly where I left it nor it is in the position I left it in.

The neighbourhood children are decked out in rain gear, looking for puddles to jump in.

And off in the distance the sky is black and there's another storm coming our way. Nature's not done howling.