My Job Is Made of Awesome

A long time ago I remember someone asking me what the perfect job would be. My reply was a job that allowed me to read books and eat popcorn. I'm one step closer to that.

I've been writing about books at for a long time -- since 2006. That's like a dog's age in internet years. I've done some really cool things in that time but this is the coolest yet. Yesterday we launched the BlogHer Book Club and I get to be the book club host.
BlogHer's thrilled to be collaborating with Penguin Group USA to bring blogger reviews of great upcoming books, author interviews, book discussions and much more to our new BlogHer Book Club space. What's exciting about this partnership: BlogHer is paying writers to write balanced, editorial reviews of the BlogHer Book Club featured titles.

Even though reading books has been an important part of the work I've done at BlogHer over the last five years I feel I can now honestly say that reading books really is a big part of my job. And that, my friends, simply rocks.

Bonus: Working with Penguin means there's one less degree of separation between me and my internet boyfriend John Green.

Right now we're reading and reviewing Geraldine Brooks' upcoming novel Caleb's Crossing. I hope you'll stop by!