The Shadows: The Books of Elsewhere, volume 1

Shadows Books of ElsewhereIt's likely that I would have read Jacqueline West's The Shadows: The Books of Elsewhere even if it hadn't won the Cybil. My friend Kit-Cat reviewed it and she loved it. There's a lot of love.

Let's start with Olive. She's smart, but not super-duper math smart like her parents. She's a klutz and so am I so that's always a bonus for me. She's also used to moving in and out of schools and not making many friends. She's curious and brave. There's not much not to like about Olive.

Her parents buy this big house and it's the first time she's lived in a house instead of an apartment. It's a big, OLD house and like all big, old houses it hides a mystery.

There are talking cats. The talking cats are awesome and sometimes hilarious.

On the cover Olive is not crawling out of a window. She's crawling out of a painting. She finds a special item that allows her to go in and out of paintings in the house. Crawling in and out of paintings is close to my dream superpower of being able to go in and out of books.

There's fun. There's mystery. There's just enough scary bits to hold a younger person's attention but not enough for it to be too scary. This is one of the few MG series that I think I'll actually follow. I'll need Kit-Cat to tell me when the next book comes out though. ;)