Dear author

Dear author,

I realize I am not your definition of a professional reviewer. I realize that you believe I am an "unprofessional reviewer" due to fact that I do not review for the New York Times. I write about books, and my opinion of books I've read, here in my personal book blog -- a blog that was never intended to be your personal marketing ground.

Am I a professional writer? Hmm that depends on your definition. I suspect that by your definition I am not. I do not write books. I don't write for newspapers. I do write for a website but I'm guessing that's pretty darned low on your list of professional credentials.

I do not have an English degree. Nor do I have one in communications or journalist. I have never taken a creative writing course in my life.

Yet one way or another I have contrived to make a career out of words.  Writing, reading and various forms of editing have been putting money in my bank account for close to a decade. That money in turn puts food on my table. Food, for which I might add, I create a damn fine grocery list for before heading to the store.

When I read your post I got the feeling that had I read your books (don't worry, there's no danger of me doing so at this point) and reviewed them well, if I had declared to the world that everyone should read your books, that if I had done that I'd be quite in your favour. Yet when a couple of bloggers read your books and blogged how the books did not work for them you say that that if they don't have anything nice to say, that they shouldn't say anything at all. How quaint. A land where the internet is filled with only positive reviews of any book? That place is fairy land.

Though I'm sure that you've never uttered anything that was not nice at all on the internet. Oh wait! You just wrote a post calling all book bloggers unprofessional and slammed the entire romance genre by calling it predictable. Good job! Way to take your own advice!

I have a few suggestions for you. If you can't handle negative reviews shut down Google alerts. Don't search for reviews about your books. Don't call out people who don't like your work. It's just plain tacky and smacks of insecurity. And most of all, step away from the keyboard when you feel the urge to write something like your most recent post.

I shall, however, thank you for writing what you did. It allows me to make sure that I never read or purchase your books. I'll save my cash and my time for an author who actually respects my right to have an opinion, no matter what that opinion may be.


Karen aka Sassymonkey.