Why Harper Collins? Why?

So, it was just earlier this week that I posted a quote from Brian Napack, the president of Macmillan US, stating that he worried that if people had a library card and access to e-books they'd never buy a book again. Totally absurd and made me think that publishers are disconnected from readers.

Then today, I see on Smart Bitches that Harper Collins wants to set a limit to the number of times a digital book can be lent, meaning that when that limit is reached library must purchase another copy. Right. Because library budgets aren't being threatened at all.

Furthermore, Harper Collins wants to be able to access patron information.  Quoted from Librarian By Day:
"In addition, our publishing partners have expressed concerns regarding the card issuance policies and qualification of patrons who have access to OverDrive supplied digital content. Addressing these concerns will require OverDrive and our library partners to cooperate to honor geographic and territorial rights for digital book lending, as well as to review and audit policies regarding an eBook borrower’s relationship to the library (i.e. customer lives, works, attends school in service area, etc.)."

YET AGAIN, honest readers are being subjected to scrutiny as though they are criminals or doing something nefarious just because they want to access e-books in a legal manner, only now they are dragging libraries into it too.

I'm really tired of being treated like a criminal. Like I'm doing something wrong. It's almost enough to make one WANT to pirate. Calm down authors and publishers alike. I won't. I would never. But damn this stuff makes me sympathize more with the pirates than the publishers. (Authors still, and always will, trump pirates for my sympathies.)

Now excuse me I need to go look at my budget and figure out how I can donate more money to my library.

Oh and Harper Collins? This is me blowing a huge raspberry in your direction. *ppppfffffffttttttttt*