I'll never buy books again because I have a library card?

Sometimes I read articles about e-books and the ridiculous statements that come out of people's mouths just simply boggle my mind.

I was away at the end of last week and offline most of the weekend so I'm still playing catch up. I was just reading an article in the Globe and Mail about e-book lending and libraries and came across this statement.
"Not all publishers are assured, including Macmillan U.S., whose president Brian Napack recently defended his company’s go-slow policy at a conference in New York. “The fear is I get one library card and never have to buy a book again,” he said."

Stop, absorb it for a minute.

He's suggesting that if someone gets a library card and has access to e-books that they will never buy books again.

Right, because having access to thousands of actual books in a library means that you are running out and buying books all over the place. First of all, I don't know about your library but mine has way more book titles than they do ebook titles.  I'm a relatively heavy library user so I guess that means that I never, ever buy books  or e-books, right? Oh wait.... In the last two months I bought seven books and three e-books. Ok, so that was a higher than normal couple of months for me and the next month is probably going to be very light on purchases. In that time I also read nine library books, more if you include the cookbooks I check out and do not count in my book totals.

I'm really sick of the assumption that because I want to be able to easily access, move e-books around to various devices and possibly even lend a book to a friend I must be a pirate/thief/criminal. To be perfectly honest, being able to loan books is pretty low on my priority list. I mean sure, it would be nice to be able to lend an e-book to a friend the same way that I loan them a book. Years ago I accepted that when I buy an e-book I don't "own" it the way I own a book. It's more like I'm leasing the right to use the e-book file. Do I think this is the way it should be? Not really but it is what it is and I've accepted it.

What I care more about is being able to move the e-book I purchased to my various devices easily. I want to be able to move it from my computer to my e-reader to my smart phone to my (at this point mythical) iPad without swearing or threatening to throw something at the wall due to the stupid DRM locks they put on that often makes this difficult. It's better than it was three years ago but there are still days where I almost wish that I had a DRM-free pirated version. I'd never do that because I believe in supporting authors and the book industry but sometimes they make it really hard to like them.

I feel like publishers have gotten so into publishing that they sometimes forget to be readers. They forget that readers love books. They forget that most readers really don't want to screw over the book industry. They forget that libraries are an important part of that industry. Even if my library had every title ever published in either book or e-book form I'd still buy books.

Publishers, take a step back and remember that we're not out to get you. We're not trying to kill your industry. We need you to keep publishing so that we have new things to read. Readers, even those that want to be able to lend a book to a friend or move the same file onto ten different devices, are not trying to screw you over.

We're just trying to read the books that you publish. We're not trying to steal from you or rip you off. Give us a little credit, why don't you?