Singled Out

singled outI wanted to love Virginia Nicholson's Singled Out. I really, really did. Danielle loved it. Nymeth loved it. I just...didn't.

I think there were a lot of factors contributing to why it didn't work for me. The first being that I had read some truly excellent non-fiction before picking up this one and well, many books would have not worked as well for me after de Courcy and Olsen. Timing definitely played a roll.

Secondly, I've read a fair bit about this period. Not as much as I've read about WWII but still probably more than your average reader. I don't think I got as much "new" out of it.

I found the writing choppy. I know that the shorter sections within chapters worked for some people but it bothered me. I think in part because as I said above I had read some great non-fiction that flowed well so reading a book that was kind of choppy probably make it feel even choppier than it was to me.

And finally, I got really sick of hearing about Vera Brittain. I read Testament of Youth. Technically I guess I studied it as it was for a course on WWI. I think it was an important publication but I just got really tired of seeing her name.

It's also entirely possible that I've got the winter blahs and am finding fault with everything. ;)

So no, Singled Out didn't work for me but I think it will work for a lot of people. I do think it's really important that books like this are being written and I'm glad I bought it.