24 Days of Christmas Books: The Christmas Wedding

christmas wedding james pattersonI will state up front that I am not a James Patterson fan. Well, that's probably not fair since I don't think I've ever read a James Patterson novel. I've never been tempted by them and, as you book bloggers know, there are plenty of tempting books out there that I will never have time to read. His books simply fall into the category of "not my thing." He's also an author I associate with murder and suspense so I was a bit surprised when I saw a line up wrapping around what seemed like half of the BookExpo America floor for The Christmas Wedding. I did a double take on that one and seriously considered getting in line for it to snag a copy for one of my best friends, who is a James Patterson fan, but I decided if she took one look at that line she'd tell me not to do it so I didn't.

But I've been intrigued by The Christmas Wedding ever since. A Christmas wedding plot sounds squishy and romantic and those are not the kinds of things I associate with James Patterson at all. Gaby's children have drifted apart since her husband died and she lures them home for Christmas by telling them she's getting married on Christmas. The catch? She's not telling them who the groom is until the wedding. Oh! A mystery! Of course! I expect there would be a few twists thrown in as well.

If my library had this as an e-book I'd probably check it out (alas, only audiobooks). If it shows up on the express shelf I might just be tempted...