24 Days of Christmas Books: An Affair Before Christmas

affair before christmasI have mentioned that I'm in a romance reading rut. I've had an extra heaping helping of romance in my reading diet. What's Christmas without a little bit of romance? I bring you Eloisa James' An Affair Before Christmas, the second book in her Desperate Duchesses series.

Of course, I'd need to read the first book in the series, the aptly named Desperate Duchesses, but I could knock that out quickly and be on to this one. Or I could just read them out of order. It wouldn't be the first time I've done that, though it's usually an accident.

Poppy met her true love, a duke (of course), one magical Christmas. They woo, they marry and they live happily ever after and are the toast of the ton. Well, mostly. Except maybe the happily ever after part. It seems they love they thought would last forever has gone flatter than day old champagne. (Apparently there is an issue with an itchy wig? Sounds... odd but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.) But the duke? He is determined. They will re-spark their marriage and set about to seduce his bride.

Christmas seduction? Why not! It could use a more Christmas-y cover though, don't you think?