Virtual Advent Calendar: Dreaming of a White Christmas

I am struggling this Christmas. Maybe it's because we had a really busy year and I'm a bit tired. Maybe it's because I am sick (stupid cold!). Maybe it's because for the first time in my memory I'm likely to have a green Christmas.

I know that green Christmases are matter of fact for some of you. Plenty of places don't have snow at Christmas. The reality of a green Christmas where they should be white is... different. While we do have a bit of green peeking out here and there it's mostly just brown. And wet. And damp. And cold. And not really festive at all.

I don't think I realized just how much I tied mounds of white snow to my Christmases. Until now.

I think it's because, one way or another, I compare Christmases to when I was a kid. When I was a kid there was lots and lots of snow. Even when there wasn't mounds of snow, because of the way our house was surrounded by fields we tended to have drifts that were perfect for mini snow forts. Christmas was a day to play with new toys, eat chocolate and then when you were nice and wired get sent outside to burn off that energy. Perhaps with a new sleigh.

Because I've known snowy white Christmases all my life I've used to the way Christmas lights reflect off of it at night. To use a Christmas-y word, they glisten. Snow was just part of of the Christmas magic.

It's just snow. It doesn't make or break Christmas. Christmas will come with or without it. Presents will be opened. The cat will sit in the middle of the kitchen as we cook dinner and hiss at anyone that comes near her. There will still be a fire in the fireplace and way too much food the table. And at the end of the day, after the family leaves, we'll sit on the couch with full bellies and fall asleep. Snow has no part of any of that.

But for now, like Bing Crosby, I'm dreaming of a White Christmas. After all, Christmas is the season for miracles.