24 Days of Christmas Books: The Stupidest Angel

the stupidest angel christopher mooreI adore Christopher Moore. (Hey, that rhymes!) He is a Sassymonkey favourite. He was the first author to ever reply to one of my emails. Lamb was the first book I ever gave Lee (it was a litmus test) and it was during a local reading that we received the text message that told us we got our house. Christopher Moore is a good time and so is The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror.

I think I can sum up The Stupidest Angel in two words - Christmas zombies.

Need more? Fine. Little Joshua is hoping for a Christmas miracle. You see, he's pretty sure he saw Santa take a shovel to a head. His Christmas wish is for Santa to come back from the dead. Archangel Raziel hears his wish and, not being the smartest angel in heaven, the next thing you know everything's coming up zombies. Nobody's perfect, right? It's a whole different kind of Christmas party.

Just remember -- first you feast, then Ikea.