24 Days of Christmas Books: Let It Snow

let it snow maureen johnson john green lauren myracleWhen Let it Snow came out a few years ago I was giddy. Maureen Johnson AND John Green in one book? Yes please. I was aware of Lauren Myracle but I hadn't read her books. When the book arrived I pounced on it and read it immediately. By the end I wanted a tea cup pig and had a huge craving for Waffle House hashbrowns.

Imagine a Christmas Eve snow storm in a small Southern town that causes a train to become stuck. Imagine the chaos that such a train and the weather could have on that town. Now add in a bunch of teenagers, including 14 cheerleaders, and a Waffle House. And there you have a night designed for chaos and romance. And Waffle House hashbrowns.  Told in three connected short stories you will, I hope, love it.

It's fun and there's romance and it's sweet but it avoids being twee and well, just read Let it Snow. And then should you be lucky enough to live near a Waffle House (which, alas, I do not) go have some hashbrowns for me. Please.