24 Days of Christmas Books: A Wallflower Christmas

a wallflower christmas lisa kleypasI've mentioned that I've been on a real romance novel jag lately and it does not seem to be waning. I've been enjoying it though I must confess that I've found the same problems with romance series that I have with any other series -- at about the third book they often start to be a bit less entertaining for me. Trilogies are fine but I've found that in long series of any ilk the third book tends to be where things fall apart. Exception happen and one exception my in recent romance novel binge was Lisa Kleypas Wallflower series. Luckily enough for this little series I'm doing on my blog, she included a Christmas novel in the form of A Wallflower Christmas.

Now, I will caution you that this is the final book in the Wallflower series and should you read this before any of the others you will know pretty much everything that happens. I tend not to read series out of order and generally don't so it unless it's by accident or I just can't easily get my hands on the next book in the series.

So, it's rather hard to tell you what this one is about but... all of the Wallflowers are gathered somewhere for Christmas with their respective husbands, who shall not be named because I don't want to give anything away. Also gathered there is Daisy and Lillian brother, Rafe Bowman. He's come to marry a lady of the peerage but it could be possible that someone else has caught his eye... someone that may just be the first ever Honorary Wallflower. Christmas is a time for magic and miracles, isn't it?