24 Days of Christmas Books: Dave Cooks the Turkey

dave cooks the turkey stuart mcleanI am cheating a little. Dave Cooks the Turkey is definitely a short story, not a book, though it's sold on it's own so I'm going with it counts. It is probably Stuart McLean's most popular story. If you are not familiar with Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe I urge you check out the podcast, audio and written books.

Quite simply, Dave gets put in charge of cooking the Christmas dinner while the rest of the family goes to serve people at the local soup kitchen. This was agreed to weeks in advance. Unfortunately for everyone, Dave did not realize that this meant he was also in charge of buying everything for Christmas dinner. Dave being Dave... hijinks ensure.

I am typing quickly because we are about to run out the door and attend the Vinyl Cafe Christmas Concert at the National Arts Center for the second year in a row. It's becoming a tradition but even if wasn't, thanks to books and audio Christmas is simply not complete until Dave Cooks the Turkey has been listened to at least once.