24 Days of Christmas Book: How The Grinch Stole Christmas

how the grinch stole christmas dr seussThere is no doubt about it, Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas is a classic. It's also a long time Sassymonkey favourite. I know I've said this about other books, and it's true for all of them, but Christmas isn't Christmas without the Grinch and the Whoa down in Whoville. From his evil cunning to his heart growing several sizes and the Whos, I need to have it at Christmas time.

There are times when we all feel a wee bit Grinchy during the holidays. For Lee (or the Fake Husband as he may be better known) it used to be the whole holiday season. I can be a tad... stubborn. And direct. (Stop snickering y'all!) I knew he considered himself a bit of a Grinch. Even more so, he kind of prided himself about it. I had been through a stream of less than ideal Christmases. Some were spent alone. Others had been awkward events where I was the stray friend or girlfriend at the table. When we got together I decided it was over. We were going to celebrate and he was put on notice that he was going to enjoy it. Or else. Either he is smart or I am scary (or a bit of both) but perhaps nothing has surprised Lee more than the fact that he actually has been enjoying Christmas these past few years.

When we were in Orlando last month we went to Universal Studios Island of Adventure Park. We mostly went because I wanted to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and drink butterbeer. We did and it was fantastic. An added, and unexpected, perk was Seuss Landing. We didn't even know it was there when we booked our trip and we loved it. I think the highlight of the entire trip, quite possibly the whole year, was when Lee met his hero -- the Grinch.

Twins! by Sassymonkey. All rights reserved
Today is Lee's birthday. We're going to have a specially requested birthday dinner of chili and corn bread (and shhh surprise cake). Maybe I can convince him to watch the Grinch tonight. After all, they are twins.