24 Days of Christmas Books: Holidays on Ice

holidays on ice david sedarishFact: I won a copy of Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris in a Twitter contest at least two years ago. Possibly three. I know we were living our Ottawa apartment, which means it wasn't last year because we were in our house by then.
Fact: This is not the only thing I've won on Twitter.
Fact: I once got a job via Twitter.
Fact: Despite owning Holidays on Ice for at least two years (maybe three!) I still have not read it.
Fact: You should not let this prevent you from reading it. I've owned books that I've really wanted to read for a decade and still they sit there on the shelf, neglected and unread.
Fact: I should remedy this because everyone who has read this fun little essay collection seems to love it. Though since it covers a number of holidays I don't feel quite as much pressure to read it for Christmas. I could also make it my Easter book. Maybe. But we're talking Christmas here so yes, read Holidays on Ice and then come back and tell me to get off my rear and read it already. It's less than 200 pages. You can read it quickly!