24 Days of Christmas Books: The First Love Cookie Club

first love cookie club lori wildeWhen I was hunting for Christmas-y books to read last year I found Lori Wilde's The First Love Cookie Club. After I started it I realized I had read the first book in the Twilight, Texas series, The Sweetheart's Knitting Club. Twilight is a special town. It has lots of superstitions about love. First loves, true loves, sweethearts... Twilight has a lot of love going on.

The First Love Cookie Club is a fun read for book lovers. Author Sarah Collier gets a letter from a sick young fan from her hometown. It's only after she returns to Twilight to meet the young girl that she realizes it is Travis' daughter. To say she and Travis have a bit of a history is an understatement. When Sarah was 15 she barged into Travis' wedding and said it couldn't happen because Travis was her true love. The kismet cookies she made every year proved it. To say that scene didn't quite go down the way she envisioned would be putting it mildly.

Now she's back, Travis is single and her daughter, who happens to be her biggest fan, is sick. Twilight is magic... but is it magic enough for all of them?

A sweet novel with a Christmas backdrop.