24 Days of Christmas Books: A Charlie Brown Christmas

charlie brown christmas charles schultzWhen I was growing in up in the land of only two television channels, as Christmas approached the TV Guide really became the entertainment guide. Well, they were already but even more so at Christmas. We'd figure out when things were on and make plans to watch them. One of the most anticipated shows was, of course, Charles Schultz's A Charlie Brown Christmas. Even now that I own all the Charlie Brown holidays DVDs (and um the Christmas soundtrack) I'll still and watch it (and any other Charlie Brown special) on television.

But I want the book. I really do. I like the idea of sometimes during the holidays sitting down with the book and reading Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown reminds me of being a kid. If I had kids I'd want to the hardback edition because I'd expect it to be well loved.

Have you read the book? Do you still watch the show every year?