24 Days of Christmas Books: An Irish Country Christmas

irish country christmas patrick taylorIn Patrick Taylor's An Irish Country Christmas, Dr. Barry Laverty is spending his first Christmas in the village of Ballybucklebo and admit it, you want to know what Christmas is like in Ballybucklebo too. Laverty and his partner deal with the usual winter ailments, have a bit of fun celebrating the holidays and face a new young doctor in town who is trying to poach their patients!

For the last few years I've gone looking for Christmas book and come across An Irish Country Christmas. Each year I find it I tell myself that I'm going to start reading Patrick Taylor's series and well... you know how it goes. You get distracted by something SHINY! and the next thing you know it's next Christmas and you are kicking yourself in the pants because you didn't start the series yet. Since there's only two books in the series it wouldn't be hard to get caught up on the series before the next holiday season, I just need to remember to do it.