24 Days of Christmas Books: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

I sat down at my computer this morning and thought that I really wanted to do something Christmasy. I am having trouble believing it is December, that Lee's birthday is looming and that Christmas is just over three weeks away. There is no snow. It hasn't been that cold. It is positively Novemberish out there. I need a holiday infusion. Stat.

The first day of the month always has me thinking about books. I post a monthly "What Are You Reading" thread in BlogHer Book Chat. I also try to read at least once Christmas book each December but I've been having trouble figuring out what I want to read this year. Then it hit me. Instead of thinking about one book I could think of many. So! Welcome to 24 days of Christmas Books on Sassymonkey Reads. Each day between now and Christmas Eve I'll post about a Christmas book I've read or want to read. Grab some Christmas cookies, pull up a chair, and get ready for a Christmas book bonanza.

best christmas pageant ever barbara robinsonBarbara Robinson's The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is one of my all time favourite Christmas books. I was in the second or third grade when a teacher read it to our class for the first time. (I had the same teacher both years so I really can't remember which year it was.) It's one of those books that I like to pick up every couple of years and re-read and its the book that pops into my head first when I think about Christmas books.

It's been a few years since I've read it and I'm trying to remember what it is that I liked so much about it. I think it's just that i's a simple story with a heartwarming ending. The children that you aren't supposed to like and are "bad" that end up being the perfect children for that moment.

A great book to read aloud to kids or to just enjoy on your own and remind yourself of the kid you were.