Romance Reading Rut

2011 has been exhausting. Between May and mid-November we did not go more than two and a half weeks without one or both of us travelling somewhere. I am TIRED. I want to take a week off to sleep, read and clean the house but that's so not going to happen. Instead I'm going to work, sleep, play Angry Birds and attempt to read things -- attempt being the important word.

I am reading my books for BlogHer Book Club (of course!) but aside from that I keep checking out books from the library and returning them unread. I start a book and read a couple of chapters. I put it down and then decide I'm not going to pick it up again. The one exception to this? Historical romance novels.

I've had a couple of conversations this month with people where I said all my brain wants to read is romance novels. They didn't believe me so I sent them to my Goodreads page. Then they laughed at me. This month I have read 15 romance novels. I think that might be a new personal romance record.

I've read other books here and there but it's pretty much been all romance all the time this month. It's what my brain will stick with and I'm ok with that. There's just one problem -- I'm running out of romance novels to read. That is to say, I am running out of self-guided suggestions and I need help.

I need romance novel recommendations. What have you read that you really liked? Bonus points for Regency romance novels!

What do you read when you are tired?