The Jane Austen Handbook

the jane austen handbookDo you ever get to a point where you really, really want to read but you're really, really tired and can't quite focus on a narrative? Enter The Jane Austen Handbook: Proper Life Skills from Regency England by Margaret Sullivan. If Sullivan's name isn't ringing bells you might know her better as the Editrix of AustenBlog.

Set up in sections like, "Jane Austen's World & Welcome To It" and "The Best Company, or, Social Gatherings" it offers small chunks of information ranging from how to write (and properly fold) a letter, to information on how to elope to Scotland (any why you shouldn't), to how to get rid of unwanted house guests (they usually stayed for a minimum of two weeks - think about it -- you'd want to get rid of them too). Basically, it tells you about all the things that if you are me you find in Jane Austen's novels and historical novels of that time that you may not know about but blithely accept when they show up in the story. You tell yourself you'll look it up later but never quite get around to doing it.

What? I'm not the only one who does that, right?

It's a fun book that would make a great gift for Jane Austen fans. Bonus? You'll now know how to play whist.