I spent a few hours (ok, many hours) on Saturday playing Harry Potter Lego Years 1-4 on the Wii. When I came upstairs to cook dinner I didn't feel right. I'd turn my head to look at something and the world would tilt. I concluded that this must be from playing the video game for too long when I wasn't used to it. Trying to figure out the depth of the screen and not falling off of it and killing Harry is sometimes a challenge (one that I often suck at -- Harry dies a lot). I stumbled around the house and was extra careful on the stairs and mostly figured it would be better the next day.

When I got up Sunday morning I had already decided that there would be no video game playing that day. I wasn't expecting to stumble around like I was. I had full on vertigo and it sucked. While vertigo can be enjoyable when you are referencing the Hitchcock film it's less so in real life.

I'm not a stranger to it. I get vertigo on heights and frequently enough on stairs. Lee discovered this in Paris when I burst in to tears on the Eiffel Tower and then again after going from the very top of Notre Dame to the bottom via the curving staircase with people on my heels. (Thankfully in Paris you can find wine everywhere and I firmly believe that Canadian cities need vin chaud carts in the winter.) No, it doesn't stop me from going on heights because I'm a stubborn ass. I'm not scared of heights, the world just tilts when I'm on them and it can be distressing because it makes you feel as though you are about to plummet off of them.

Lee and I were supposed to go out on Sunday to look at washers and dryers because our washer kind of died on Saturday (probably repairable but we don't know how old they are and if it would be worth it). He took one look at me stumbling around and declared that I was planting my ass on the couch and I was staying there. I listened to him for a change. I spent the day reading and not quite napping but closing my eyes for extended periods of time. Watching tv was out because it made me horribly nauseous.

I spent a very short period of time on the computer, long enough to complain about the vertigo and for the Twitterverse to tell me that I probably had an inner ear infection. I laughed at them because hey, I'm just a little dizzy and I only walked into a couple of walls. No big!

What can I say? I'm also the person who replied to people telling her that she probably had a concussion by saying, "Don't be silly. I just hit my head really hard."

It still took me three days before I went to the doctor. I'd go through periods, like on Monday, when I really felt good. We went out shopping and bought a washer and dryer (Hi! We're broke now!) and it was fine. I wasn't dizzy. I could walk straight. Then I got up Tuesday morning and it was so bad I thought I was going to be sick.

While I love our house one of the the problems with living the the burbs is that it's much harder to get to a walk in clinic versus where we lived before. I had two walk-in clinics fairly close to me before and now it's a half hour trip by bus, assuming I actually had bus tickets. I was also in no shape to haul my butt to the doctor under my own steam. I'm smart enough to at least realize that would be a very stupid thing to do.

I went yesterday and yes, the internet was right. I have an inner ear thing. Labyrinthitis to be specific. I think it sounds like I have delusions of going on a quest, which would be cool except I am once again spending the day feeling really nauseous and I think I'd really suck at questing right now.