Last summer when I saw that Keith Richard has an autobiography, Life, coming out I know that Lee would want to read it. I added it to my library request list but I was kind of late to the game so I knew it would be months before we got it. I kind of figured that it was a book we'd probably end up buying. Lee buys rock and roll biographies the way I buy World War II histories -- easily. Sure enough we were out running errands one weekend and it got added to our purchases.

Lee read it right away and said it was really good. Meanwhile I had seen the starred Kirkus review for it. After Lee finished it the book remained on his bedside table because I had said that I wanted to read it. It sat there for weeks. Oops. You know how it is, you really do mean to read a book but you keep getting distracted by other SHINY! books. (Or library books with looming due dates.)

Then when I did start reading Life Lee got annoyed with me because I flew through it in a couple of days.  January has been a good reading month for me, in part due to Cybils reading. I've been flying through books.

Richards has an interesting writing style. It's one part rambling story, one part confessional, one part music theory. I have to say that the parts where he gets really into talking about how his music works I pretty much just had to nod my head and pretend I knew what he was talking about. (I am musically illiterate and rather tone deaf.)

As confessional as he was about some things, like heroin, it was sometimes the things that he didn't really talk about that were the most interesting, such as his relationship with Mick Jagger. Clearly he talked about Jagger, but as much as you would have expected.

Overall, great read and I totally get why it got a star from Kirkus.