The Kitchen Table

When I moved to Ottawa to live with Lee we realized that we had rented a house with a dining room and neither one of us owned a table. In Montreal we had taken one of my work tables and turned it into an improvised place to eat. It was ok but not great. There wasn't quite enough room for us to sit directly across from each other. We had to be a bit off-center.

We trolled the online second-hand sites and found a good quality dining room set. It came with a hutch, something we appreciated as we really needed the extra storage it required. We ate some good meals at that table. We hosted Christmas dinner with it. Mostly though it served as a dumping ground for assorted junk and papers and we ate in the living room in front of the television.

When we bought the house we once again had a dining room but we also had a kitchen with space for a four-seater table. The space needed something and so a table it was. It bought this one new and we like it. During the day, like right now, the sunlight streams in from the patio doors. It's the perfect place to eat breakfast or to sit and work during the day. I have an office in the house but it doesn't get sunlight during the day. During the winter I'll take whatever sunlight I can get so I've been working at it a lot.

Like our last place our kitchen table quickly became a place to dump stuff. Mail. Books. Stuff that didn't have a home. We'd make our dinner and then go plant ourselves in the living room to eat it. Sometime over the holidays I turned to Lee and told him that I'd have enough of it. The table was being cleared, it was going to stay cleared and we were eating dinner there.

We have been. Instead of staring blankly at the television and talking during commercial breaks we sit at our table and eat and talk. Sometimes we just eat, enjoying the food in the quiet after a long day at work.

Such was the case a couple of nights ago. We were both tired. I hadn't had much to eat that day, just grabbing a few nibbles between tasks. We'd both had long days and were happily tucking into some homemade beef stew. Lee had just opened his mouth to speak when there was this noise. It sounds like a trapped animal growling. Or maybe a Wookiee. It lasted a good 20 seconds, perhaps 30.

The sound was coming from my stomach.

We just looked at each other and burst out laughing. It was the kind of laugh where you laugh long and hard and clear. If we were in Mary Poppins we would have been stuck up on the ceiling with Uncle Arthur. It was the kind of laugh where you end up with tears streaming down your face.

If we had been sitting in the living room we might not have heard it. That's probably unlikely as it was darned loud but it wouldn't have had the same impact as breaking the quiet in our kitchen that night.

Step away from the living room or the desk and eat at your kitchen table. You never know when a Wookiee might make a surprise appearance.