Resolution: Tell More Stories

Writing!I kind of hate resolutions. When I make them I tend to  get caught up in life and they fall to the side within a week. But I've been thinking a lot about the past year though and I've been thinking a lot about how I've lost the ability to blog. I've lost words.

I don't really know what to blog about. I work from home and if I were to take a photo of each hour of the day it would be me in front of the computer. Me in front of the computer. Me in front of the computer. The fake cat. Me in front of the computer. Me cooking dinner. Me in front of the computer. Ok fine, there would be more fake cat photos than that but you get the idea.

I don't feel like I have a heck of a lot of blog about these days. I'm not even sure what I used to blog about besides annoying neighbours. I was talking about it with a friend and they suggested I blog about the new house and how we decorated it and that made me laugh and laugh because we haven't. We're taking our time and letting ourselves get to know our house and get comfortable in it before we do too much. Well, plus there's the money thing. Some things just need to come before the pretty, like a washing machine that works properly.

Then in the back of mine there's food because there's always a story with food. I'm not a food blogger but I like to tell stories about food. Maybe it's a snippet of what I'm doing in the kitchen. Maybe it's a book I've read that has pushed me into my kitchen. Being in the kitchen makes me happy. (Ok, except when I haven't eaten in too long and I'm just cranky.) I'm never going to be many people's idea of a Proper Food Blogger --  someone who develops their own recipes and takes careful photographs of their creations. I know just how long it takes to get that photograph and I'm sorry, I want the food in my belly as soon as possible.

The other day I took some time and started making a Google doc (yes, one of my most beloved spreadsheets) of the recipes I had saved in my feed reader. I haven't added the recipes I've bookmarked to it yet and I'm already over 200. I'm sure it will be double that when I go through my bookmarks. If I were insane I'd pledge to make a new recipe every day in 2011 but thankfully, for me, I am not that insane. Again, I know from the experience of others just how difficult that is.

I could, however, make one new recipe a week. To be honest that's not really unusual for me. We try new recipes all the time and it's gotten even easier to work them in since I've started regular meal planning. Even when I don't meal plan I seem to meal plan. I didn't write one down this week but I today's, tomorrow's and Sunday's plan in my head as well as a few for next week. It's a habit now. Yay!

Maybe I could share a once a week kitchen story, Not really food blogging, not recipe blogging, but maybe something inspired by what I'm cooking at the time. A little snippet of my life.

You see, while I've gotten out of the habit of telling stories but the kitchen stories come easier. Maybe if I get in the habit of sharing those I can share other stories, too.

And photographs. Photos tell a story on their own. I want to take more photos and tell more visual stories.

To be honest, all of this is not even about sharing these stories with you, though I appreciate each and every one of you. I want to tell my stories for myself. I want to bear witness to my own life in something more than 140 characters.

2011 -- the year of telling stories. I hope.

Photo credit: Markus Rödder on Flickr