R.I.P. V

Yes, it's that time of year again -- it's time for the Readers Imbibing Peril (R.I.P V) Challenge. It's actually been time for awhile. I've just been busy.

And busy it looks like I will remain. September was supposed to be my slow month (after a busy summer) but I've got two extra projects on the books right now. Extra projects are a good thing (did I mention we bought a house this summer? #moneypit) but darn it they cut into my reading time.

I'm going do something I don't normally do and set myself up for success by aiming low. I'm going for Peril the Third which allows you to only read one book and call it a success. That I think I can do.

I haven't completely decided on my pool yet but here are some books on my shelves that are needing to be read:

  • Night Watch - Sarah Waters (We shall not discuss how long I've owned this book and yet have not read it.)

  • Dracula (Penguin Classics) - Bram Stoker (I actually bought this for last year's RIP Challenge, ha!)

  • Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen (I have started and stopped this book so many times.)

I think those are the top contenders among the books I own but who knows, maybe something perfect will show up for me at the library.