Rose Sees Red

rose sees red Cecil Castellucci's Rose Sees Red is not the story I thought it was going to be. As often happens I knew nothing about the book before reading it. I picked it up based on the author and let's be honest, the cover. The title and cover together had me thinking that this was a sort of retold fairy tale. Wow! Was I wrong about that!

Rose doesn't have any friends. She used to have a best friend but when she stopped doing everything her BFF wanted (namely giving up ballet and going to the same high school) she was dropped faster than a hot potato. She's decided not to make friends at her new performing arts high school in New York City. But then a couple of girls make it their mission to befriend her.

It's the 1980s and Rose lives right beside Russian complex. From her bedroom window she can see into the room belonging to Yrena, the Russian girl next door. They are about the same age and both dancers. They've never said a word to each other.

Then Yrena crawls in through Rose's bedroom window. The next thing she knows they are off on an evening of adventure and the words "international incident" are being thrown around on the news.

I honestly don't remember the last time I read a young adult book about the Cold War.  It was kind of awesome but as I was reading it, I realized that many of the readers who will read this book weren't alive for any part of the Cold War. And then I felt old and ate cake.