Seeking Adventure

I was reading a book today about a woman who gave up eating in restaurants for a couple of years. She prepared almost every meal herself. While many people would find that quite daring on its own (think about it - no takeout, no vending machines, no delivery pizza) what struck me was how adventurous she was.

I've always cooked at home way more than eating out. When I was a kid we rarely ate out. In university I could not afford to eat out often, nor could for many years after. Even today when we eat out it's often things that we generally don't make at home - Thai or Chinese food, sushi, supremely prepared French dishes, etc.

But this woman? She was pretty fearless in the kitchen, especially considering (at least for me) that she often was cooking just for herself. When it was just me I think I was less adventurous in the kitchen than I am now. I was always (and often still am) that things would turn out horribly. While any logical person probably would have just chucked the food I often made myself eat it, not wanting to waste.

If you talked to my mother and told her I didn't think I was adventurous she'd laugh at you. I was a picky eater as a child, despite her trying to make me eat things. (Note: I still dislike turnip.) Now I'll try many things. I eat sushi. I'll eat game meats. I'll try what she considers to be unusual recipes. (We were raised on meat and potatoes so there's a pretty wide definition of unusual.)

But I don't often try things just simply to experiment. I don't look into the fridge, cobble stuff together, and invent a meal out of it. I don't often make up my own recipes. Once I get confident with a base recipe I'll play with it but invent one? Not so much.

I want more adventure in the kitchen. I just need to figure out what that means.