Rapid Reviews v. 1

I've been making an effort to squeeze in more reading time this month. So far, it's working. I've read more books in the last two weeks that I did in the last month (possibly two). That's a darned good thing because it feels like I'm getting back to normal. The problem is that I don't have a whole lot to say about some of the books - at least not enough to write a full post about them. So I'm starting Rapid Reviews. I'll do them periodically when I have a few books gathered up. Want to play along? Add your link to Mr. Linky at the bottom of the post.

On with the reviews!

  • The Blind Side by Michael Lewis - Fact: I dislike watching football and baseball but I tend to like books about them. Go figure. I've already seem the movie (I had a movie date with Laurie Kingston and served her yummy soup and a really runny chocolate pie) so I knew a lot of what was going on. The history was interesting, even if I still don't like watching football.

  • The Little Lady Agency by Hester Browne - Cute, British chick-lit that I wanted to like more than I did. Melissa, who was savvy enough as Honey, could be rather dense in other parts of her life. I really, really like the idea of her agency though. I though it had fun potential for a series.

  • Kisses on a Postcard by Terence Frisby - A WWII memoir that looks at the years of being a childhood evacuee. Thousands of children were sent away from their parents during WWII. Some had much better experiences than others. Frisby's was one of the good ones. He and his brother found themselves staying with really good people. As he put it he got to have two childhoods. It was also a fun look that while we remember the good old days of boys being boys and running wild in the country they could still find plenty of trouble to get themselves into.

What are you reading?