Chasing Dreams With Fishing Nets

I know I've already said it but this summer has been one of change. Change begets more change. I can't help but feel that things are in motion, that there are more changes to come.

Some are beyond my control but other changes, those I can make myself... if I could only decide what the changes should be.

I'm not a person with a five point plan. I don't strategize or plot. I tend to be a bit of a floater, taking what life throws at me and either rolling with it or thrashing against it. I don't have big dreams or goals.

I often think that this is a failing.

It makes me feel more lost than I think the people around me are. I don't know what I'm going to be doing in five years. (I hate that question in interviews. Any answer anyone gives you is total b.s.) I don't know what I WANT to be doing in five years.

I undervalue my skills and knowledge and when I'm not doing that I feel like I should be doing something with them. What? Oh, that is the question right there.

Right now my head is so messed up from all the changes that have happened that I don't know if the things I'm doing are really what I want to be doing or if the things that I'm thinking of doing are really things I want to do. Yet I feel the need to movement -- to do something, anything, differently than I am right now.

I'm chasing dreams with fishing nets and I have no idea what I want to catch.

*Rain Delays - Crash Parallel