What would your food say?

I finished Aimee Bender's The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake this weekend and now I have to ask you all a question.

What would your food say about you? What emotions do you think that Rose would taste?

I think that I'm thinking of it this more than usual because bad news pushed me into the kitchen this weekend. Whenever someone dies I feel the need to feed people. I think it's my small town/country upbringing. People die, we cook and feed people. It's just what we do. So Sunday morning found me working in the kitchen, making sauce and feeling the need to feed people.

My bolognese sauce would have, I'm quite sure, tasted of grief and sadness. Of helplessness and loss. Of weariness and worry.

But that's just that meal. I know that there are happier meals. Ones that taste of love. Of happiness. Of curiosity. Of hope. Of dreams. And let's be honest, of frustration because there's always *something* that gets misplaced while I'm cooking. (It drives me nuts.)

What would your food say?