This summer has been exhausting. It's been rough. I've let things slide a bit because the weight of them on my shoulders was crushing me.

When I was at BlogHer I asked Honeybeast if I needed to grovel for being just a lackadaisical writer this summer. She looked and me and said, "Everything happened to you this summer. Don't worry about it." I was talking to a friend the other night who said, almost word for word, the exact same thing.

Wanna see my summer?

June 2 - 10 Emergency trip to PEI after my grandmother had another stroke. Sat vigil and then stayed for the funeral.

June 17 Spend the day in the ER thinking I had appendicitis (so did the doctor) and almost passing out on the nurses until they confined me to a stretcher for four hours. Still have appendix. Am medical mystery. Or had undetected ovarian cyst that burst. Whatever it was it hurt like a mofo and I discovered I'm not particularly fond of morphine. Another discovering is that when your lips turn blue and your feet and hands tingle nurses will literally run to attend to you. (I had great nurses.)

June 25 - July 3 PEI for vacation. Had been planned for months before my grandmother passed away. It rained a lot. It was an mix of busy, busy, busy and relaxing.

July 14 Take possession of our house. Sleep on the floor (well, air mattress) for about 9 days. Start getting hardwood floors installed July 19. Floors finished on the 21.

July 23 Official move in day. Yay for movers. Time to unpack. And organize. Change work schedule.

August 3 - August 9 New York City for BlogHer '10 and general site-seeing.

I was exhausted going into BlogHer '10. The last day of the conference I was tired. Very, very tired. More tired than I let on and feeling that lost feeling you get when you are really tired.

When I got home I jumped into a bit of extra work and worked through last weekend.

This is my first weekend "off" where we're not packing, unpacking, travelling, moving, or SOMETHING in well, months.

I'm going to read. I'm going to sit in the sun. I'm going to eat real food. I'm going to go for a walk in the woods.

I'm going to exhale after holding my breath all summer.