Our new home library

Both Lee and I dreamed of a room of our own. I wanted a library. He wanted a music room. When we were shopping for a house we knew it was unlikely that we'd each get our own room and we were right. But we merge our dream rooms and created this.

Our Home Library

All my books arranged by colour, of course. Not pictured are the reference books, which we keep in the office. (It just seems more practical. Despite what you may think, Lee has more CDs than I have books. That's almost two thousand CDs. Our DVD collection is partly sorted in that wooden hutch in the corner (made by Lee's grandfather). The rest are stored upstairs in the TV cabinet. (We do have a smaller TV in this room as well.) Not pictured and not yet on display is all of Lee's vinyl. Most of it is still at his parent's place as it does not yet have a home.

Libraries merge media, so why shouldn't we? That said, I don't think I'll be sitting on the futon reading while Lee plays his CDs very loudly (though it might depend on the CD). It's nice and comfy down there.

What do you think of our wall of books and CDs?