I never remember on the actual date

I never, ever remember my blogiversary. I will know that it's coming up but then it whizzes past without me acknowledging it. I get distracted by something SHINY! and miss it every year.  It's really no biggie but this year I wanted to recognize it.

It was five years ago, on August 14 2005, that I started Sassymonkey Reads. It's moved locations and changed blog templates. Reviews went from being short to be less short. I've had wonderful opportunities though this blog, both professional and personal. I've met lovely people, some of them authors but many of them not.

When I started this blog five years ago I was living in North York with Roomies from Hell and counting the days until I could move out. The particular area I lived in didn't have much to recommend it except for one thing - there was a library directly across the street. It saved my sanity. I read more in those six months than I had in years. Because of that library this blog was born.

A month after that I moved to land without roommates, though I had less than lovely neighbours for awhile (until they got evicted). I didn't have a library across the street but there was one a short walk away...one that I seemed to frequently make on garbage day. (Stinky.) The library was across the street from a little vegetarian Indian restaurant that had some of the best samosas and library days used be samosa day, too. Except sometimes when it was$2 thali day . Or I went for aloo puri. I miss having easy access to good Indian food.

Then I moved back to Montreal, where a library with a good English section is hard to find...unless you want to spend more than $100 on membership. I spent more money on books than I had in years during that one year.

Then a move to Ottawa and access to a library system again. Not quite as good as Toronto's system but I really have no complaints about the Ottawa system. I just wish I lived closer to one.

I went from writer to manager to unemployed to doing whatever crosses my path and sounds interesting.

I'm married. I live in a house. I have a yard. I'm training for a 5k. I've barely had any time to read this summer.

Since starting this blog I've been to Chicago, New York City, San Francisco and Paris. I've been to Shakespeare & Co., City Lights and The Strand.

If you told me that half of all of this would have happened I would have laughed in your face. Life has a way of surprising you like that.

Through it all, the book blog remained. And it will remain. I can't imagine not having it.

Thank you for visiting and reading and commenting over the past five years. This blog wouldn't be nearly as lovely an online home without you.