Adjusting My Expectations

Push. Push. Push. Pant. Pant. Pant.

So tired. Keep pushing. Keep pushing.

Taste the bile in your mouth. Feel light-headed.

Collapse on well-placed bench and wonder what the heck you got yourself into.

That was my first day running on the C25k plan.

I tried to run too hard and too fast. My stride was too long. I had to adjust my expectations. I pulled myself up off the bench after 3 minutes, walked another 3 minutes and then started to slowly jog (not run, job). I shorted my stride. I slowed down.

I adjusted my expectations of what I could do, of what I felt I should be able to do.

I try to do too much too fast in so many areas of my life. I get disappointed and I let things fall to the side and frequently forget to pick them back up. "I can't do it. I'm not good enough."

Running is a reminder to adjust my expectations of myself. I can do more (we're back to that again) but I need to build slowly. I don't need to barge in like a tornado. I need to go slow, to pace myself and find my stride. Maybe it won't feel comfortable at first but it'll improve.

I did my second run today. I kept my pace slow and my stride shorter. I ran every run.