I Can't Believe I Said That

The words came out. I heard them and could not believe it. I wanted to shove them back in my mouth and I couldn't. They were out there. I mentally cringed, at least I hope I only did it mentally as I was just finishing introducing myself to someone. Thankfully they did not pick up on what I has said.

"My other blog is just a personal blog."

I wanted to kick my own ass.

You see, I had proposed a topic for BlogHer this year. It didn't get selected (which is fine) but it was, "It's not 'just' a personal blog." I wanted us to own our words and our blogs. (Something, by the way, that the Loving Your Small Blog session did very well.)

I believe in personal blogs. I believe that sharing our stories, whether we be a mother or a crafter or a reader or all of those things or none of those things, is important. It's really important. When you say that you "just" have a personal blog I will correct you and tell you that you have a personal blog. I'm the person, who when a sponsor survey wanted to fit me into a niche created my own box called "Life" and checked it. (Really, I did. I have witnesses.)

I want, some day, to be able to look back on my online writing and know what I did. I want to know that a day sucked or that I had the best day ever. I want to know what my thoughts were on big ideas...and little ones. I want to be able to look back on my life and know that I shared it.

I want to read about your life. I want to know what you think about things. I want to know what you did and how you felt.

Personal blogs are about connections and sharing your life. That's important. It's powerful. It's something women didn't do publicly for a long time.

When I dismissed my blog I dismissed myself and my life. I dismissed the things that are important to me. Worse, I dismissed your work. I labeled it as unimportant. I'm sorry for that.

I don't "just" have a personal blog and neither do you.

Apparently I need to remind myself that.