I lied

I said that I wasn't buying anything new for BlogHer. I lied. I bought a pair of shoes. To be fair I've needed a brown pair of somewhat dressy shoes for awhile. I have a great pair of pumps but I simply cannot wear them all day. These shoes? I totally can which means I can pack one of the dresses that I love to wear and will be good in the air conditioning of the hotel. (I also bought another pair of totally dressy heels that I am probably not taking with me but I had to buy because they were the most comfortable heels ever and I couldn't leave them there even though I feel totally guilty for having bought them because, hello! House!)

I also bought some jewelry (cheap, because that's the way I roll) and a little bag that is just big enough to hold my iPhone (as if it will be out of my hand, hahaha), my ID and a bit of cash (or drink tickets).

Y'all will still have to live with my roots showing as I'm still not getting my hair done. I think you'll survive.

Now if someone wants to come pack for me that's be just dandy.