I need shoe help

You see these shoes? They need your help. More accurately, I need your help in order to wear them.

I have never, ever worn them outside the house and I've owned them for years. How long? Well...I was still living in Toronto. I think it was 2006. I've since moved them to Montreal and I've lived in Ottawa for two years now so um, yeah. It's been awhile. I fell in love with them at the store and I still do love them except one itty bitty thing...

The heels? They are rock hard. They are cut your ankles hard.

I'd just toss them in a Sally Ann donation bag but this is the thing -- they are leather. If I wear them in they'll soften and I'm sure I'll wear them every single day. I just can't bring myself to blister and cut myself to get there. I know there have to be tricks for how to soften them up, I just don't know them.

This is where you come in. How do I soften these puppies up? They are too cute to still be gathering dust in my closet.