In bullet points

Because it's the only way I'll get anything written here:

  • We moved! We own a house! We have new pretty floors upstairs. No I don't have pictures. Yet. I will. Eventually.

  • It's been a heck of a summer and I kind of want to curl up in a ball and sleep for a month.

  • But I can't, because we are going to New York.

  • For BlogHer'10! Yay BlogHer!

  • I've never been to NYC better and neither has Lee.

  • We are going early and staying after, thinking that we'd have all this time to play tourist. Reality? We have 2.5-3 days to play tourist. That suddenly seems like nothing.

  • I keep reading posts about BlogHer prep. My BlogHer prep consists of unpacking my clothes and putting them in my new closet so that I can then pack them. If you are lucky I might iron things. You do not need to buy new clothes for BlogHer.

  • In addition to not buying new clothes I am also not a. getting my hair done (I don't have time, also spent the money on new business cards and stickers) b. freaking about what shoes to bring (much, I'm worried about bringing appropriately comfy shoes that won't give me blisters when I'm playing tourist) c. getting a pedi/mani/whatever because I never do.

  • Lee has a party pass. He is stupidly excited that one of the parties is the Cheeseburger Party. It's exactly what you think it is but with more people wearing McDonald's bags on their heads.

  • We have no idea what we are going to see in NYC. We know we won't be doing much shopping. We'll see what we see and be fine with it just as long as one of those things is the Museum of Natural History (otherwise I shall have a fit).

  • I ordered my stickers and business cards at the last minute. Business cards will make it in time. Stickers? Maybe. I've got a 50/50 chance at this point.

  • I'm behind in pretty much everything and so freaked out about being behind in everything that I actually can't get anything done. It's a vicious cycle.

  • I like bed. I'd like to be in bed right now.

  • There is a maybe stray cat at our new place. We're not sure if he (we think it's a he) has a home or not. Seems to be well fed, only a little skittish and likes to hang out on our front porch and desk. He occasionally just appears out of the bushes. The fake cat does not approve and hissed at me to display her disapproval after she saw me petting the interloper.

  • Every day should have built in nap-time. Or at least an hour or two where you can do nothing or watch tv or read a book without the weight of all the things you should be doing weighing down on you.

  • I'm kind of freaked out that we have no idea what we are going to be doing in NYC when we are playing tourist. This is the most unplanned trip we've ever taken as a planned trip (ie. we didn't just hop in the truck and decide to go somewhere).

  • I should be working.